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Two Year Anniversary Part 2

Two Year Anniversary Part 2

Label: Mercurial Recordings

Release date: 2016-06-20

Catalog number: MRCLP07

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Detek (Remastered Original Mix)
Angel Heredia
Bambu (Original Mix)
Techouzer, Alexander Zabbi
The Master (Original Mix)
Juan Ferreyro
Inception (Original Mix)
Javier Lugardo
Dance Club (Original Mix)
Juanma Kolonngha
Highlighter (Original Mix)
Hacked (Original Mix)
Jennifer Lee
The Possession (Original Mix)
Sergio de Morales
Are You Ready (Original Mix)
Techouzer, Kim Sanz, PEPO WB
Life (Original Mix)
Lio Q

Mercurial Recordings celebrates its second anniversary with a compilation that brings together, in two parts, the 20 best tracks for their two years of life.

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