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Label: Huambo Records

Release date: 2019-09-06

Catalog number: HUAM338

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Letsdown (Original Mix)
Andre Salmon, Eddie Sone
Letsdown (Fomalhaut Remix)
Andre Salmon, Eddie Sone, Fomalhaut
Letsdown (TecHouzer Remix)
Techouzer, Andre Salmon, Eddie Sone

After his releases through Suara, Sola and Repopulate Mars between others, the Ecuadorian producer Andre Salmon arrives in Huambo from the hand of another great producer such as Eddie Sone to present his track ‘Letsdown’.
‘Letsdown’ is a banger in the line of tech-house with a powerful groove and hot female vocals.
The original is accompanied by two big remixes by Fomalhaut and TecHouzer with their personal touch and groove.